Home Improvement…Of The Week!

Rustic Decor

On a deer, a head is only a head, but ripped from a decaying carcass and planted in between two oak branches–awesome!  It’s just beyond the back yard, but not so far you can’t enjoy its rugged beauty from the deck while sipping margaritas with friends.  Man, that thing looks cool! This is the best idea you’ve had since installing permanent Christmas lights in the peach tree. This beetle infested necrotic deer noggin really brings it all together. You can’t believe you’ve never done this before, can you? You’re a goddamn visionary. Isn’t inspiration wonderful? And if someone forgets it’s there, a favorable breeze will surely remind them soon enough. Your spouse thanks you. This simple archaic gesture of love is far better than that fish pond she’s been nagging you about, and so much easier. Yes, this deer head in the fork of a tree is the best forking thing we’ve seen all week! Whoever you are, you win an OTW award for your unequalled DIY skills.

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