POTHOLE…Of The Week!

Photo BY Goggle Bob

Photo BY Goggle Bob

This week’s OTW ( Of The Week award), goes to the pothole residing at the Fisk and Main intersection in Brownwood ,Texas. This overachieving road imperfection waits silently, cleverly disguised as an ordinary pothole, but has greater aspirations. It’s reaching for the stars, fast approaching cenote status. Strategically situated, coaxing derogatory words and phrases from motorists who can never remember its existence, it remains unrelenting. Daily, tire after tire gets brutalized with every organ-jarring thump while distracted drivers scan the flow of cross-traffic for an opening. Is there a smart car in there somewhere? Will city workers soon acknowledge this behemoth and overfill it with asphalt? Will this award flatter a reverse-pothole next week? Maybe. Probably. Possibly. Until then, reign on, and enjoy your time as the current OTW recipient, pothole!


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