Golf-Ex Gel; The Anti-Golfing Compound


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From those folks at Odd Fish comes yet another mind-blowing product you never knew existed. Yes people, It might be hard to believe, but Odd Fish Enterprises has produced an effective deterrent to the golfing bug. Ladies, ask yourself these questions;

  1.  Does your man fill his weekend with golf dates instead of more logical activities such as hanging new curtains, then hanging them again, swapping ceiling fans from room to room, and rearranging the living room furniture for the umpteenth time all under your impossible to follow and meticulous direction?
  2.  Is Big Bertha pounding his balls as he wears the fuzz off the fairway while you’re at Walmart  choosing candle fragrances all alone?
  3. Is Big Bertha, in fact,  the only one he’s holding tight these days?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need Golf-Ex. Available in a convenient pocket size tube, Golf-Ex gel can be kept handy, ready to help alleviate the discomfort caused from over golfing. Whenever your man grips his driver, just squeeze a glob of Golf-Ex into your palm and rub it vigorously on his shaft. Like magic you will aquire his full attention. For maximum effectiveness an oral application process is stongly suggested. Golf-Ex is very accommodating, offering their product in three delightful flavors; bologna, corny dog, and the ever popular banana daiquiri. In addition to these tasty selections, each application of Golf-Ex includes an extra boost of protein. Just one more way Odd Fish has put the woman first.

In no time, you’ll soon be hearing the phrase whatever you want, babe”. With a bit of extra effort the benefits of Golf-Ex can be expanded to include online shopping. Simply reach into your pocket like your going for that tube of Golf-Ex each time a package arrives and your man won’t even notice that UPS truck, nor that towering stack of packages in your driveway. Those Amazon boxes won’t be the only things wearing a smile. We promise.

Yes ladies, his every effort to satisfy your honey-do lists will be longer and harder, his resolve will be stronger, and his credit cards will burn hotter with each treatment of Golf-Ex. Get it today!  Just look for the tube with the Perching Perch. You’ll be glad you did!

Odd Fish Enterprises

The Perch With The Merch



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