Eleven Reasons Why There Is An Upside Down Car In Your Yard

We’ve all seen it–an upside down car in someones yard. Why? How did it get that way? How long has it been there? Who knows. We can only guess at what forces of nature govern the bygone auto. We present for your approval a few possibilities.

  1. You’re the richest hillbilly on your block.
  2. Your kid is failing drivers education…miserably.
  3. That’s just the way you park.
  4. You suck at DIY projects, and didn’t realize prior to turning your car over that there’s a plug installed in the drain pan for the purpose of changing the oil. “Oh, what’s that? Huh. Silly me.”
  5. You live in Oklahoma City.
  6. You took an Ambien… and a bottle of Merlot.  
  7. You drive a smart car and the neighborhood kids hate you. Hey, at least it wasn’t on top of your house this time.  
  8. It turns out that the guy you pissed off at the X-men costume party last night was the real magneto.
  9. You drive a Ford, and once again it went tits-up for no apparent reason.
  10. You’re a poor negotiator and that’s the way the salesman sold it to you at the sketchy car lot you bought it from.
  11. You love your car so much that you rolled it over so you could scratch its belly. There, there, you like that don’t cha, boy? 



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