Cici’s Pizza Causes Man and Daughter to Turn Invisible










             Photo of Man and Daughter at Cici’s (Employee’s Perspective)

Brownwood, Texas— Upon arriving at Cici’s Pizza, a Brownwood man and his daughter briefly entered into a different plane of existence. Everything seemed fine as they exchanged uneasy glances with a fellow motorist while grabbing the last available parking space, but upon entering the front door of the popular pizza joint they begin to experience an odd sensation. Approaching the counter and preparing to order a buffet for two, they apparently slipped through a tear in the fabric of time and space because no one seemed to notice them. ” An odd sense of profound unimportance just kinda swept over us both,” said the father.

They waved politely for service, but despite their best efforts no one seemed to care. They moved things to the next level and began shifting their weight impatiently from one foot to the other as they stood at the counter, but the employees just a few steps away remained unaffected. The father claimed to have even jingled his car keys nervously and rap his debit card on the cash register while his daughter sighed loudly several times, but once again none of this had a positive effect.

Fearing that they may have inadvertently entered the twilight zone, they began searching for a floating, black and white spinning cone with a slight wobble to it or possibly a window suspended in mid-air with random objects whizzing past. Not seeing any of this they became convinced that they had just simply turned invisible. As they stood futivly at the service counter, and watching the employees laugh and joke with each other, they began weighing their options. They discussed taking advantage of their new power by helping themselves to the buffet, but decided that the visible patrons may be freaked-out if slices of hot pepperoni and parmesan shakers began to seemingly float across the room as they walked to their table. “We didn’t want to start a rumor that Cici’s is haunted,” said the father. They considered bank robbing, practical jokes, professional cow tipping, and ghost shopping at Wal-Mart.

While preparing to embrace their new lives an employee welcomed them back into the visible light spectrum with the words “may I help you”. The father said the attendant’s tone expressed feelings of frustration with a touch of resentment for their failure to remain invisible. Later, walking to their table with their plates filled, the father/daughter duo pretended that their pizza was floating through the room as they made “wooooooo” noises accompanied by exaggerated facial expressions. Just as they suspected, it did in fact freak-out the patrons.




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