Bangs Family Holds Lottery To Determine Which Child Is The Favorite



Bangs,Tx.– Every family chooses one child that just seems to get all the attention, the favorite, but for a certain family in Bangs Texas, that decision wasn’t an easy one. “There just isn’t anything special about any of them,” said Agatha Jorgensen, the children’s mother. The children, none possessing any outstanding talents are also equally slow in school. The troubled parents considered rating their children’s standing in the family hierarchy by their physical appearance, but ruled this out as an option for fear that it might scar them somehow. “We want to be fair,” said Mrs Jorgensen. “Not barbaric.”


Finally, the Jorgensens arrived at a brilliant solution that provided each child with an equal opportunity. Several small slips of paper were placed inside a box. On one, the word “favorite” was printed. The remaining slips all displayed the word “zero”. Mrs. Jorgensen delighted over this ingenious idea. “The entire process only took a few minutes, and playing games always brings families closer together.” Now, having identified the favorite, the Jorgensens no longer must strive to spend an equal amount on each child during the christmas holidays. They can now save money by purchasing a single, high quality gift for one lucky child, and just buy the others second, or even third-rate gifts without having to feel bad. “Just like a normal family,” said Mrs. Jorgensen.


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