Brownwood Woman Makes Discovery At Gas Pump



While attempting to fill up her car today at a convenience store, a local woman stumbled upon a life changing discovery. After pre-paying for her gas and returning to her car, she began her usual ritual of repeatedly clicking the handle, stomping her foot and sighing heavily. Then, she spotted them. “I can’t explain the feeling,” she said. “I wondered, how long had they been there?” While preparing to wave to the attendant for assistance as she had always done, her gaze just happened to fall upon the words “lift handle”. So she did, and much to her delight the gas began to flow. In the past, she had always had to rely on the clerk to leave his store unattended and do some magical thing to get things going, but not today. She said that she had never really paid attention to what he did, and that it was just kinda abracadabra-like. Before driving off, she exclaimed that this experience would alter the way she filled up from now on. “I guess that’s what he had always meant by mouthing the words lift the handle, and making that exaggerated upy and down motion with his hand.”

photo credit: <a href=””>JenGallardo</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;



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