Alien Tornado And Naked Sunset Terrace People


Brownwood, Tx.–A tornado allegedly attacked Sunset Terrace this Monday afternoon during the monthly test of the tornado siren warning system. Many residents were stunned at this coincidence, and as a result, some were swept away. “I wasn’t sure what to do,” said one survivor. “So I started throwing rocks at it, but it just kept coming! It was huge, and sounded like a big diesel truck. It had folks sucked up in it because I could hear em’ screaming.”


Sunset residents became frustrated as first responders and local law enforcement expressed their doubt that a tornado had even occurred. They argued that Sunset Terrace neighborhoods appeared pretty much the same as they always have. The fact that there were no injuries displayed among those present, other than a couple of dog bites, a DIY nipple piercing that had gone wrong, and one naked family who insisted that the 300 mph winds had blown their clothes right off, seemed to further substantiate the theory that this had been nothing more than another ordinary day in Sunset Terrace.


Those with missing friends and relatives demanded an explanation. Law enforcement then became cooperative, and agreed to conduct a thorough search since everyone missing also had outstanding warrants. While interviewing family members of the victims, a separate theory began to emerge involving alien technology.  “I’ll bet those sirens generate wormholes that take you to a strange land,” said one Sunset Terrace-ist. “A place filled with strange beings.” This theory later gained credibility when three of the missing people were found wandering aimlessly through the Shamrock Shores area. “It was almost as if they were on drugs or something,” said one onlooker. The three were arrested and subjected to a thorough cavity search. Law enforcement assured them that this was standard procedure during any alien abduction.


In the wake of this pseudo disaster, many drug related arrests were made. Also, six citations for indecent exposure, and one for throwing rocks at a garbage truck were issued.


photo credit: <a href=””>wonder_al</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;






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